Why Us?

Education: We offer a workable, maintainable approach to health for you and your family. You will gain a lot of knowledge along the way through direct contact with Dr Marc Farah. He will also provide much support via information and easy to digest reading materials. These will be regularly supplied to help keep you motivated and interested as you progress through your programme towards your ultimate goal. The aim is to empower you so you  feel able to manage your own health in the long term.

Hope: Many people try many different approaches to getting healthy. Often, however, they fail due to lack of motivation, support and not having the time to implement healthy practices, in more cases than not because of work and family commitments. With WHR, you will see that the programmes  are working and that the results  are achievable. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Absolution of sins: We often feel guilty for not having the time, energy or information to take better care of ourselves and our family. At WHR, we will make it clear to you that “great health starts here and now”. The past is the past and we will focus on the present and future.

Motivation: Our programme is about empowerment and results which lead to a positive mental attitude, achieved through nonjudgmental support and encouragement. Throughout the duration of the programme, you will have regular access to Dr Marc Farah and as much support as is needed to achieve the agreed results.

Empathy: Marc will support, listen to and do his best to understand all the issues that you and your family may have. The difference is that he does this as an equal and not as a know-it-all. He is acutely aware that we all have fears and weaknesses and that all of us are prone to failure, or lack of motivation at certain points in our lives. His patients never feel intimidated by what he offers or what he asks of them. The demands that he may put on you will always be well within your capabilities.

Guidance: You will always know where you are in the programme. Goals are set from the beginning and modified as needed. This provides the flexibility to help you achieve them. You will have access to literature and other materials and can review your progress and goals. Being informed and educated is vital to your success.

Support: You will be supported every step of the way. Your short term goals can be achieved in bite sized chunks. You will, at all times, have direct access to Dr Marc Farah via telephone and email.

Results: Your progress and improvement will be applauded every step of the way. Small steps are just as important as big ones. Your programme will be devised to make sure you are fully aware, of the great progress you are making.

  • Dr Marc Farah