Sunburn and how to deal with it

If you are heading off to St. Tropez, Capri or Porto Helli, please take the advice below to keep you looking even younger than you already do and enjoy your summer hols without getting sunburn.

The sun has had a lot of bad press in recent years. As skin cancer rates increase, we are all supposed to have become much more careful about our exposure to the sun. The reality, however, is that many people are not taking sunburn seriously enough. Sunshine gives off a number of different frequencies, but mainly UV radiation which can cause damage in different ways. Simply put, UVA ages you, and UVB burns you, UVC does both ! 80% of age related skin damage is as a direct result of sunburn. The slower you tan the less you age.

The problem is that sunshine makes us feel good, and if we don’t have enough of it we don’t produce enough vitamin D; essential to bone and tooth health. A lack of sunshine can also trigger depression as we tend to produce less serotonin (the happy hormone) when we don’t get enough sun. People who live in sunny climates are more prone to skin cancers, and people who live in cold climates are more prone to internal cancers, (so you are stuffed either way).

As with all things in life moderation in your sun exposure is the way forward.


  • Sunshine leads to dehydration. Avoid alcohol, coffee and fizzy drinks.


  • Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated. Throw an extra pinch of sea salt on your food.
  • Essential fats are very important for your skin, as are carotenes. Eat plenty of salmon, sardines, avocado, pumpkin seeds and nuts. Use olive oil in your salads.
  • For your carotenes, eat plenty of carrots, tomatoes, asparagus, red peppers, spinach, sea kelp, sweet potatoes, apricots, mangoes and melons.


  • A high strength multi vitamin and minerals rich in carotenes (Multigenics 3-6 tablets a day)
  • A good essential fatty acid complex (Eskimo Skin care 2-4 a day)
  • Quercetin and BromalineĀ  have strong anti inflammatory properties particularly when combined with vitamin C so try (Aller-C, 2 capsules 2 times a day and up to 4 times a day if you get burnt.)

(All these supplements are available from NUTRI 0800 212 742)


  • If you have any irregular shaped moles that begin to itch, bleed, change size and shape or go red around the edges get them checked out immediately. The key to surviving skin cancer like any other cancer is early detection and removal.
  • Apply sun screen at least 4 times a day, particularly after swimming. Once is just not enough.
  • Keep children in particular covered between 11:00 and 3:00. Get them to swim T-shirts.
  • UseĀ  SPF 30 or more. Try to find creams that are not full of chemicals. There are lots of natural sunburn products on the market now such as Green People’s organic sunscreen.
  • Keep your hat on !!
  • Dr Marc Farah