Have we got your attention?

There are 2 types of Herpes Simplex Virus: Type 1 causes cold sores, and Type 2 is sexually transmitted and very common. It can cause extreme pain and swelling in the genital area and can also be accompanied with fever. Once you have the virus, you can never fully eradicate it, but attacks do “burn out” or diminish over time if you keep your immune system healthy.

Once contracted, the virus will lie dormant in the body and tends to reactivate when one is run down or stressed.  Certain foods can also trigger the attacks if consumed in large quantities, it seems the amino acid Arganine is a big trigger. Dairy and high acid foods can also trigger an attack.


  • Foods rich in Arganine as discussed above. These include: Chocolate, lentils, beans and nuts.
  • Avoid the usual triad of refined sugar, wheat and dairy as these 3 particularly in combination will severely depress your immune system.
  • Citric foods such as tomatoes can also trigger attacks as can the nightshade family, so avoid aubergine in particular as well as chillies.


  • Good quality protein such as lean meat and chicken and oily fish are all good.
  • Corn and Soya are rich in an amino acid call Lysine, this interferes with the replication of the virus and has shown to be very powerful in reducing the number of attacks.
  • All green vegetables and most fruit are fine. These have been discussed at length in other areas.


High doses of vitamin C and Lysine are the way forward. This should be combined with a good multivitamin and mineral. Bee Propolis has been found to support immune function at times of overload. So this should also be used when one feels an attack coming on. A very strong anti viral that can be taken internally or applied topically is Colloidal Silver.

  • Ultra Potent Ctm 1000: This is combined vitamin C and Lysine (4 tablets daily with food during the attack. Maintain at 2 tablets a day there after)
  • MultiGenics: Great Multi vitamin and mineral (take up to 3 tablets a day depending on how tiered you are)
    (Available from NUTRI 0800 212 742)
  • Bee Propolis and Colloidal Silver can be found in good health shops. Do not take either of these products for more than 2 weeks at a time.
  • Larreastat, is an extract of the larrea bush, this has had great results in tests done recently for treating the Herpes virus. It is available in capsules and lotion.


  • Change your toothbrush and towels regularly as they can harbour the virus, particularly after an attack.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse when one has an attack of Type 2 as this is VERY contagious.
  • Avoid oral sex even with Type 1 ie a cold sore, as this can be passed on and turn into Type 2.
  • Should you get recurrent attacks, it means you are immune suppressed so this should be checked out by your physician. There are very good topical creams and strong prescription anti virals that will keep the episodes at bay, but best of all is to keep your immune system strong.
  • Get some sleep, eat well and exercise.


  • Dr Marc Farah