Clearing Constipation

(It Killed Elvis, so listen up !)

Did you know that Britain is one of the most constipated nations on earth? In an ideal world we should be enjoying a bowel movement after every meal. In reality we are lucky if we have one a day. Having clean bowels is one of the most effective ways of preventing most diseases in later life.  Over time people experience a build up of putrid toxic matter that sticks to the walls of the colon, getting into all the folds of our intestines. This rotting matter is a major cause of many diseases. This is as a result of insufficient fibre in our diets, combined with an excess of refined foods and sugars.  This faecal matter not only stops the absorption of good nutrients, it also floods the blood stream with the by – products of this toxic waste causing a range of ills from bad breath to cancer. In short, constipation is to be avoided.

When Elvis died, they found 35 kgs of rotting faecal matter in his guts. The average person walks around with between 3 – 10 kgs of matter in transit in their system at any one time… Nice!  This rotting matter also causes a lot of gas and bloating, leading to irritable bowls, poor digestion and a loss of friends. Haemorrhoids or piles arise as a result of straining on the loo and also contribute to varicose veins in the legs. If you ever experience blood in you stool or any unexpected changes in your bowel habit, you must go and see your doctor.


  • Animal products: Especially red meats, which have a very long transit time through the bowl, should be eaten in moderation.
  • Dairy products: Many of us do not have the enzymes that break down Lactose (the sugar in milk). This sugar ferments and turns into a poisonous form of Ethanol, leading to severe toxicity if allowed to become excessive.
  • Refined sugars: Found in almost all processed foods ferment in the gut causing bloating and killing off the good bacteria in the gut. This often leads to an invasion of yeast called Candida, leading to Thrush fungal infections and a decrease in your immune function.


  • Bran, Rice Bran, Oats are insoluble fibres: This is needed to stimulate the bowel to work properly and works to scrape the faecal matter off the intestinal walls. These brans also swell with water filling you up and stopping your craving for refined foods.
  • Brown Rice, lentils and all pulses are great forms of fibre.
  • Rye breads, corn crackers and rice crackers are all good sources of slow burning energy with an exfoliating effect on the intestines and colon.
  • Other high fibre foods include all vegetables; the less cooked the better. Fruit such figs, apricots, prunes, coconut and pineapple. Nuts such as Almonds are also excellent.


Psyllium Husk and Apple Pectin: This blend of filling cleansing fibre also contains charcoal to remove toxins and pro-biotics to replace the good bacteria. (3 capsules with a large glass of water morning and evening before eating.)

– Caricol: This concentrated Papaya fibre provides excellent support for healthy bowl function. (1 sachet after breakfast and 1 after dinner dissolved in a glass of water).

– Similase: These digestive enzymes help break down the foods we ingest. After the age of 40 our natural digestive enzymes start to decrease. (2 capsules before your main meal.)


  • Eating GREEN keeps your bowls clean and your body lean.
  • WATER drink lots of it, but BETWEEN meals not with your food as this dilutes your digestive juices, causing the food to rot.
  • CHEW, CHEW, CHEW, to go to the loo. Most of us don’t chew nearly enough. A big part of the food break down process happens in our mouths, so chew it to poo it!
  • MOVE YOUR BODY, exercise will cause the diaphragm to massage your intestines and speed up transit time.
  • IF YOU STRAIN YOU WILL BLOW YOUR BRAIN, many people have had strokes from straining on the loo, so don’t strain and take your time.

Home enemas and colonics are a good way to clear you out and thus prevent constipation, but this do not solve the problem of poor eating habits. Good luck.

  • Dr Marc Farah