Chilblains are caused by poor circulation and are characterised by red inflamed areas that affect the extremities. Chilblains can cause intense itching, swollen toes and sensitivity to cold and heat. Many people suffer in both hands and feet, and it is most common in cold weather as the small blood vessels constrict. If you suffer from chilblains every winter, then you need to improve your circulation.


Anything that will harden the arteries and restrict blood flow. This includes:

Animal fats, dairy produce, and low fiber foods such as fatty puddings, chocolates, cakes, etc.


Oily fish, cayenne pepper, garlic, onion, ginger, soluble fibre such as flax seeds, oat and rice bran. All of these foods can either help increase circulation or reduce the levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) thus helping circulation in the long term.


  • Ginko Biloba Extract: (1-3 capsules daily with food). This not only helps the circulation to the extremities, it also helps to maintain good brain function and alertness should you want that.
  • Cayenne 50 with Garlic and Goldenseal: (2 Capsules daily with food). This product will help keep the capillaries dilated allowing better blood perfusion, and keep the blood thin. It has the added bonus of killing many of the bad bacteria and fungi in the gut.
  • Niacinol: (1 Capsule 3 times a day). Full of Vitamin B3, this product will keep the capillaries in good health and your mood up beat. It also contains Inositol which is great for lowering the bad cholesterol in your blood.
  • Eskimo 3: (3 capsules a day). State of the art essential fatty acids. Great for the connective tissue in your arteries and brain.

(Available from NUTRI : 0800 212 742)


  • If you smoke … you know what to do.
  • Have regular treatment such as osteopathy or massage, this keeps the circulation going and the tissues happy.
  • Exercise and stretch the muscles need a reason to flush with blood. Keep moving and stop snoozing.
  • Tight fitting shoes or gloves will make the symptoms worse in the cold. So however tempting it is to keep snug when outside, don’t wear your clothes too tight.
  • Hot teas and soups will help to keep you warm, but hugging your hot cup when cold can make symptoms worse.
  • Move to hot country and forget about the cold.
  • See you next week, we will return to more serious matters then.

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