Weight Loss for Good

Carrying excess weight often has an underlying cause.

It is not necessarily because you cannot control the amount of food that you eat. Finding that underlying cause is the first port of call if you want to lose weight permanently. A Food and Mood diary combined with an analysis of other factors such as hormone imbalance and childhood conditioning will help achieve weight loss.

Here are the phases to achieve this goal:

Phase 1

This will involve an initial consultation and extensive blood tests.

While the blood tests are being processed (1 week) you will be asked to keep a Food and Mood diary. This makes you  look at what you are eating and how that makes you feel.

The blood tests will check for imbalances in hormones such as thyroxine and insulin and they will also check for allergic reactions as foods we are allergic to make us put on weight. We will also check for Candida Albicans, a yeast infection in the gut that makes us crave sugars and, accordingly, put on weight.

Phase 2

This involves us correlating the test results with your Food and Mood diary.

Once the cause of the weight gain has been ascertained, we will put a programme in place to tackle it from all angles. For example, if food affects your mood and there seems to be a childhood association to food or being fat, our specialist Hypnotherapist will address this  via hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. This will help switch the part of the brain that is manipulating you in a negative fashion to making things more positive. This is part of the big picture when considering allergies, insulin dependence and possible candida infections.

Phase 3

You will then be educated in terms of your outlook, both conscious and sub conscious, on food. This will  lead to empowerment and Food / Mood Control.

You will be educated in a healthy approach to foods as well as insulin and portion control.

Phase 4

Once you are more in control and more confident about what you are doing and eating, your foods will be integrated into the family kitchen. This will help ensure that there is no feeling of isolation within your household. Accordingly, the health benefits will filter through to the whole family.

From Phase 2 onwards, a food supplement programme to help keep blood sugar levels stable and to stop food cravings will be put in place. This programme will be reassessed and changes implemented according to your progress.

We will introduce a sustainable exercise programme (something that you enjoy).

Motivational tools and goal setting will also be implemented from phase 2.

Once all the goals are reached and you gain greater control of your life on all levels, Marc will take an increasingly less direct active role. He  will always be there for support, however.

You will keep filling out a monthly progress and goal sheet that he will assess via email.

As always full support will be offered via  email.

  • Dr Marc Farah