Immuno Turbo Booster

This is a programme that can be tailored to achieve a level of immuno suppression. It is designed for people who might have become run down by not taking care of themselves or people recovering from Chemotherapy or suffering with AIDs.

The main aim is to isolate the level of immuno suppression and the cause of it. Once this has been determined and your expectation has been amalgamated with the expected outcome, Marc can begin to build a programme that works most effectively with your body and your needs.

Should you be under the care of a specialist such as an oncologist, their advice and expertise will be called on, as will an attitude of total transparency as to what we are doing and offering. This should lead to a multi level approach to your recovery.

The seat of our immune system is very much in the gut and the gut and digestive system. So once blood and stool samples have been taken to find out what toxins and deficiencies you may have, a progressive nutrition and food supplement program will be implemented. This will flush the liver and kidneys, for example, whilst at the same time re-cultivate and re-balance the intestinal environment.

Specific foods relating to your condition will be prescribed, along with recipes containing the recommended foods that will be available on the website.

While detoxing and rebalancing through nutritional therapy and food supplementation, a bespoke program of Cranial  Osteopathy and Acupuncture will be prescribed to help the body remove toxins and thus begin the healing process to finally achieve full recovery.

Severe illness (should this have been the case) leads to a decrease in Serotonin levels and is often accompanied by depression and anxiety. This will be managed with a combination of “mood foods and supplements” specific to yours needs. Also included will be some “bolt ons” such as counselling and meditation.

Your immune system will be retested every 6 weeks by taking blood and stool samples accompanied by questionnaires on how you are feeling.

By 12 weeks you should be recovering well, and should have a very good understanding of how to look after yourself from a nutritional perspective as well as from a psychological one.

Follow up sessions can be offered if needed depending upon your recovery. As always there will be an open communication policy between patient and physician..

  • Dr Marc Farah