Detoxification Programme

Question: Why do you want to detox and what do you want to detox from?

Is this a detoxification from a particular toxin such as drugs, alcohol or cigarettes or do you want a generalised post-Christmas detox from the general excesses of life?

Once a detailed examination of your reasons, needs and expectations has taken place,  Marc can follow the correct path in order to help you. Most detoxes start by assessing blood, stool and hair samples for toxins. Marc will  also establish how well your organs of detoxification, such as the liver and kidneys, are functioning. He will also conduct  allergy and food intolerance tests.

Once the results are known  he will devise a multi-pronged approach to the detox.

Step 1

Marc will prescribe a generalised detoxification diet that will lighten the load on your digestive system and other organs.

Step 2

Marc will establish a more specific diet to address any allergies or underlying pathologies detected in the liver, kidneys or pancreas. The diet may require certain foods to be eliminated or increased.

Step 3

After 2 weeks or so, as the detoxification process begins to kick in, a number of nutritional supplements will be added to accompany the detox, thereby enhancing the  detoxification .

This may stem from a selection of multi vitamins that provide support for the liver or gall bladder. Or it may be to add specific supplements that reduce sugar or alcohol cravings.

We will, at this stage, introduce an intensive programme of visceral osteopathy and manipulation.

These techniques will work directly on the liver, or kidneys for example to help expel the toxins from the body and encourage the organs of filtration to work at their optimum.

Step 4

This runs alongside step 3 and the addresses the largest exocrine organ of the body: The skin.

As humans, we are able to flush large amounts of toxin through our skin. Accordingly, we will prescribe supplements that help bring toxins to the skin surface. In conjunction with this, we will recommend a bespoke sweatcersise programme followed by a post sweat detox scrub. This will help eliminate a great deal of toxic residue as it comes to the surface of the skin.

Stages 3 and 4 are quite intense and will last around 6 weeks depending on the patient.

Step 5

This is the post detoxification restrengthening part of the programme. Your food supplement regime will be changed to reseed the intestinal flora, and re-strengthen the particular organs that have been detoxified.

You will, in parallel to this, follow either a hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic or counselling programme depending on your needs. This will help you remain healthy in the future and make sure your addictions and bad habits become a thing of the past.

Step 6:

Once the 3 month programme has been completed, a low grade maintenance support system will be put in place. This will involve monthly meetings, counselling and questions and answer sessions. This will continue for another 3 months.

If all is well and you are happy to carry on alone the programme will end. ,  Marc will however always be available by phone or email and there will also be plenty of supportive information and education on the website.

  • Dr Marc Farah