As safe as houses

We all believe that our houses are our havens, our sanctuaries.

Despite this, there are products in our homes that are very unsafe. Choose this programme if you want to  clear the house of toxins or if you need to clear it due to severe allergies, asthma or toxin based illnesses such as cancer.

In this programme, Marc will come  and identify the products in your home which contain toxins. These are then cleared out and replaced with non toxic equivalents. He will also educate the household on how to keep the toxins out. A sort of war on household toxins.

Some of you may simply want to do this for ecological reasons. This too can be easily achieved.

Toxins are everywhere. Our children and us eat them, drink them, breathe them, spread them on ourselves and wear them!

Here are but a few examples:

Tap water contains not only lead from the pipes connected to our homesit also contains:

Fluoride, which is added to our water for our teeth is in fact a toxic waste product from crude oil. The evidence that fluoride is good for our teeth is tenuous at best, but governments have found a great way of disposing of this toxic sludge by adding it in to our water supply.

Oestrogen and medications: Our water supply is flooded with oestrogen, antibiotics and  other medications. These are not adequately broken down by the sewage systems, so by drinking tap water  we are ingesting a lot of hormones and medications that are not meant for us.

Bleach and household cleaners: As with the medications above, all the bleach and fairy liquid that goes into our toilets  and sinks is not properly processed by the water plants or sewage systems. This means all of these toxins that we throw into our water system by the bazillions of gallons stay in our water supply. Yum !

Microwaves emit a powerful electro-magnetic wave that research has indicated has caused a vast increase in breast cancer. These waves also change the cellular make up of our blood.

Aluminium is a severe neuro toxin, yet we cook in aluminium pots and pans, scraping the bottom before eating the food.

Household cleaning products are toxic, as are their fumes. Most shampoos and conditioners contain potent carcinogens, as do many body creams and deodorants. Washing powders and the dyes in clothes are also very toxic. The list goes on and on.

Educate, Eradicate, Substitute

We don’t mean to scare monger but a lot can be done to limit one’s exposure to toxins in the home. Be it for general health or to help a family member overcome an illness, much can be done . Marc has many non-toxic healthy alternatives and solutions to hand. He educates, eradicates and substitutes. which leads to a much healthier home environment.

  • Dr Marc Farah