Dr Marc Farah has designed a number of pre-set programmes for you to choose from.

Once the best programme for you has been chosen, it will be tailored to meet your individual needs and expectations.

Programmes can also be tailored to meet the needs of your family. These would be decided upon in consultation with all of them and will be devised in such a way that no member of your clan will feel alienated.

Each programme will run for 3 months at a time. This time period will give you enough time to learn new habits whilst at the same time enabling you to see light at the end of the tunnel. It is also long enough for you to see significant changes to your health and well-being. At the end of 3 months a new 3 month cycle can then be added depending on your needs.

After the  initial consultation, you will have a weekly face-to-face meeting with Marc. At this time,  the programme can be reviewed  and new instructions can be given for the following week, depending on the progress achieved.

  • Dr Marc Farah